When it comes to selling your home, there are a lot of factors that go into making it happen. First, you have to choose to do so, and from there, the rush of choices takes off. When do you want to sell? Do you want or need an agent? How much are you selling it for? How will you advertise it? And those are simply examples.

Along the route of selling your home, you will eventually come to the open-house phase. While staging your home is always an important aspect of making a sale, it is especially important in the summer months. With so much going on (school’s out and vacations are taking place), it can be a bit more difficult catching the buyer’s eye in the summer months.

Staging your home increases a home’s perceived value and makes it feel more welcoming. When done right, home staging can help establish an emotional connection that gives buyers the push to make an offer.

Use these tips to put your best home forward:

Curb Appeal

Before a potential buyer walks into your home, they will have to be sold on the outside appearance. It is typical for a buyer to drive by a possible house, before even reaching out to their agent. Attract a buyer for your home with these essential curb appeal tricks:

  • Repave the driveway
  • Plant colorful flowers
  • Mow the lawn twice a week (grass grows quicker in the summer)
  • Wash the outside of your home
  • Re-paint or restain  

Let it shine

Nothing sells a product faster than lighting! Proper lighting makes a home appear larger, more open, more welcoming and more appealing. Use the summer sun to your advantage and install artificial lights into dark corners and rooms as necessary.

Easy, breezy, beautiful

For days that are warm and windy, open up the window and let in some fresh air. On unusually hot days, turn on the air inside and give potential buyers the opportunity to feel refreshed and comfortable in the home. This will also encourage buyers to take their time looking around inside, rather than rushing back at the door.

Refreshing refreshments

Who doesn’t love food and water? Seriously. It is even easier to enjoy when they are free! A relatively cheap, thoughtful gesture, can go a long way for potential buyers!