When selling a home, presentation is key. Spring cleaning tips will assist in getting a home’s appearance ready to wow would-be buyers. Follow these guidelines to help ensure a swift sale to appreciative new owners.

Curtains and Blinds

Windows draw the eye, so curtain maintenance is essential. They are distinct collectors of dust. For simply cleaning pet hair and dirt from the lower portion of the drapes, try a lint roller with a sticky surface. For deeper cleaning, take the curtains down and remove the hooks, then run them through the dryer on an air-fluff cycle with a towel that is dampened for about 15 minutes. The damp towel attracts dust. Re-hang the curtains immediately. Blinds should be dusted using a microfiber cloth.


These eye-drawing sources of light and connection to the outside should be cleaned thoroughly. Wash the insides of windows down to the sills. Open them and, with a damp cloth, collect and clean dirt, dust, or bug colonies between the screen and the glass. Use carpeting scraps to clean screens quickly. A carpeting scrap makes a powerful brush to remove all dirt. For deeper cleaning, remove the screens, rubbing them on both sides with kerosene. A soapy solution with a microfiber cloth should follow in cleaning them, and then a hose used to rinse the soap away gently.


Dusting is easy to put off until it is absolutely necessary to perform the task. When showing a home, be sure to dust open shelves and end tables to keep finishes looking ideal. Dust those neglected places such as baseboards, doorways, and above kitchen cabinets. Use a pillowcase to encompass ceiling fan blades to dust and capture the thick layer that readily accumulates there.

In the Kitchen

To clean the refrigerator, use a combination of soda water and salt. The salt is abrasive, and the soda water bubbles, combining to make an effective cleaner. Tackle it one shelf each time a grocery visit takes place to make the chore easier. To clean glass, stainless steel, or chrome, put 50% water and 50% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Finish up with a dry cloth for polishing, cleaning the surfaces so that fingerprints and water spots are removed.