Selling a home during the holiday season presents its own set of challenges and opportunities. The winter school break can mean families are more willing to move – and therefore bid – at this time of year, but getting prospective buyers with packed social calendars into your home means staging takes on an extra level of importance. There are a few tips to keep in mind when staging at home at this time of year.

Keep It Simple

Adding festive touches can make the home more appealing, but avoid too much clutter, both inside and out. Don’t put ALL the decorations up throughout the house, and avoid filling up the front yard with too many seasonal decorations. Not only can it make the home feel messy, but some buyers also may not enjoy the aesthetic, and it may turn them away.

Non-Denominational Decorations

Avoid explicitly religious ornaments, and focus more on non-denominational holiday decorations. Not everyone shares beliefs, and what might be perfectly acceptable to one person may offend someone else. Garlands, pinecones, and holiday lights are both festive and non-offensive, so if staging a home to sell, it’s best to focus on similar decorations.

Size Your Tree Appropriately

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is fairly universally beloved, but make sure to get one that is proportional to your space. You don’t want to make your home seem smaller than it is. Likewise, if you have particularly high ceilings, a taller tree can help to show them off.

Be Mindful Of Clashing

Tie your holiday decorations in with your current home decor to avoid clashing or drowning out the charm of the home itself. If your room is already wallpapered in pink, red decorations everywhere could feel like overkill, and silver decorations might tie in better, for instance.

Highlight Architectural Features

Focus on room features in your decor, such as placing stockings over a fireplace or candles along a large window. Not only will it look charming, it will draw the eye to these attractive features, making buyers more likely to put in a bid.

Subtract As Well As Add

Rather than simply adding holiday decor to a room, swap out some existing items for more seasonally appropriate ones to avoid creating clutter. For example, removing a quilt that usually lives on the couch and using a cozy red throw or some festive couch cushions instead. A seasonal doormat is another example.

Coziness Is Key

Small touches can make all the difference. Make the home as welcoming and cozy as possible, whether that be by having the fireplace lit for showings or having a small gingerbread house set up in the kitchen.