Let’s face it; nobody likes working in a cramped space. Small bathrooms can cause an inconvenience for those who are looking to have a great space to work with or for those who are trying to sell. However, believe it or not, you could make your small bathroom look even larger, and it does not require you to take down your walls by demolition! Curious? Here are some ways that you can accomplish this:

Turn Up The Lights

You may be asking yourself how simply turning up the lighting in the bathroom can make your bathroom feel bigger. Brighter spaces tend to look larger than those that are comprised of darker and drab colors. If you want easier ways to lighten up the bathroom, you can start by painting the walls of the bathroom all the same color. Bonus tip: use sheer window coverings to maximize natural light. As an extra touch, install some ceiling light fixtures.

Eliminate Clutter

The easiest way to make your small bathroom feel larger is by tidying up. Clutter and unnecessary items sprung about can make any place look compressed. This is because there is less space to move around. Commit to removing anything that may be on the counters or on the floor. If you are really short on space, consider installing shelves or an over the toilet organizer.

Install a Sliding Door

A standard swinging door is capable of almost taking up half of your bathroom. A great way to make more space is by replacing a swinging door with a sliding one. The sliding door is also an opportunity to add interest to room decor. Choose among materials from smoked glass to metal or wood. You can paint the door to blend in with the wall or to become a bold color accent.

Big Mirrors

Nothing makes a bathroom feel bigger than a mirror that stretches to the ceiling. Hanging a large mirror with decorative trim and lighting will double the light’s impact and make the bathroom grow.

Glass Shower

Shower curtains or textured glass can make your bathroom feel as if it has another wall. Clear glass showers can help small bathrooms feel grander and offer more lighting. If you must have a shower curtain, hang one that is a natural color.

If you follow these tips, you will have a grander bathroom without having to tear down any walls! Whether you’re trying to sell your house or simply upgrade your current home, these simple bathroom edits will make a small bathroom feel larger.